The quote in my header is from a poem by Edgar A Guest

Contact: info@annagower.com

Anna is a freelance music education consultant with a wealth of experience as an educator, teacher, adviser, project manager, academic and strategic leader.

Anna’s strengths lie in working and collaborating with organisations about how best to bring their offers to life for students, teachers and music practitioners and educators no matter where they are in the world.

Most recently she has worked with teachers and educators in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and China delivering practical workshops and in-school consultancy.

Her key skills include:

  • Developing resources
  • Working in collaboration to foster and develop ideas
  • Keynotes, practical workshops and presentations
  • Designing training programme
  • Marketing and social media, in particular the nurturing of online communities of practice and establishing online teacher communities across the world
  • Training and delivery as an experienced presenter, speaker and practical workshop leader
  • In-school advisory work and consultancy
  • Leading and managing academic pilot projects
  • Collaboration and strategic planning
  • Writing

Anna is a qualified teacher and has worked in various schools as a Head of Music and Advanced Skills Teacher across the last 20 years. Highlights include developing a transition model and collaborative cross phase projects, establishing an orchestra of 60+ students of all abilities and implementing a new approach to music teaching which resulted in growth to over 25% take-up at GCSE.

As a consultant and core team member for Musical Futures in the UK, Anna was responsible for scoping and developing resources, ideas, training and initiatives for teachers. She took the lead on social networking, marketing and comms for the organisation and played a major part in helping to shape the strategic direction of Musical Futures to date both in the UK and internationally.

Anna is an experienced presenter, speaker and practical workshop leader, leading presentations, panels, keynotes and workshops at international conferences for example OMEA, Niagara Falls, MF2 and The Big Gig, Melbourne Australia 2016, 2018, Music China, Shanghai 2017, 2018, 2019, Music Education Conference, Beijing 2018, 2019,  ISME Glasgow 2016, Baku 2018.

She is a regular presenter at conferences and events across the UK, Australia, USA and in Asia.

Her most recent experience has been part of the Academic Team at Trinity College London. Highlights include leading and managing academic pilot projects and providing academic oversight into the development of new products.

I love working with teachers and students leading practical workshops, developing partnerships, devising resources and managing online communities of practice which bring teachers across the world together through the common aims of improving music education in our schools.

I know from first hand experience, evidence of which is hosted on my classroom blog, Mrs Gower’s Classes, that music belongs in our schools and in our lives and that everyone should be given the chance to engage with it at whatever level is appropriate for them as individuals with their own musical passions and experiences.

But most importantly, it is about the children and young people in our schools and how we can ensure that they get the musical experiences I believe they are entitled to in an increasingly challenging political and economic climate.

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