The quote in my header is from a poem by Edgar A Guest

I worked as a classroom music teacher and freelance education consultant in the UK for 18 years in a variety of roles including Advanced Skills teacher, Head of Music, Head of Community Music, Musical Futures Co-Ordinator, Head of Development, Arts Bid Co-Ordinator and more.

I have since taken a break from the classroom and my freelance work to embark on a new adventure with Musical Futures working initially as Head of Programmes and then as Head of Training.

My roles have included:

  • creating and delivering practical workshops for teachers across the world
  • developing and crafting new resources and approaches for classroom music teaching
  • growing and supporting online networks of teachers
  • leading and supporting social media and marketing campaigns for Musical Futures and Musical Futures Australia

I have also undertaken consultancy work for organisations and schools including delivering bespoke workshops for schools on assessment and curriculum, music and transition, community music and more. I have delivered keynote speeches, contributed to conferences run by Music Education Hubs and music services and have worked as a consultant with Music Mark and Trinity College London.

Leaving the classroom was a big step for me, making music in the classroom with young people has been part of my life for so long that I couldn’t imagine not doing it any more.

But I am lucky to have the chance to explore new opportunities. I love working with teachers, leading practical workshops, developing partnerships, devising resources and managing the online community of practice which brings teachers together through the common aims of improving music education in our schools.

I know from first hand experience, evidence of which is hosted on my classroom blog, Mrs Gower’s Classes, that music belongs in our schools and in our lives and that everyone should be given the chance to engage with it at whatever level is appropriate for them as individuals with their own musical passions and experiences.

But most importantly, it is about the children and young people in our schools and how we can ensure that they get the musical experiences I believe they are entitled to in an increasingly challenging political and economic climate.

My blogs and tweets are my own opinions based on my classroom experiences, my passion for and sometimes frustrations with music in our schools.


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