Music education in the UK-a perspective from afar

My favourite quote from this guest blog by Ian Harvey from Musical Futures is a call to action that all of us in the sector can and should contribute to!

“Stop whinging, start reforming and re-thinking the music education space, toss out some of the traditions along with the ’this is the way we do things around here’ thinking that is the real cause of what is holding you back from the thing you most want to achieve – that every student has access to a quality music education.”

Musical Futures: Just Play

Guest Blog by Ian Harvey, Director of Musical Futures Australia and written in response to THIS article published in The Guardian, December 2015

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Yes every child should have access to music education, to learn an instrument and benefit from the multitude of aesthetic, social, intellectual and personal outcomes that making music brings.

But how are you going to solve the problem? Regular articles give oxygen to the issue but what actually changes? Here in Victoria we have a story to tell that might surprise you.

Our State government this year effectively included music as part of every child’s schooling under its mantra of ‘every child, every opportunity’. Behind the catchy line all students attending our 1,600 state system schools, should by 2018 have access to a quality music education – just like the students do in our private schools where music is a key demonstrable of a school’s depth…

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